Thursday, August 04, 2005

Newstalk : Interview with T. Newman (Ecologist)

In the middle of June, seven people were attacked in the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Instead of human, this time it was the deer that attacked. However, according to the reporter Monique Garcia, Clay Nielsen, an ecologist, claimed that deer would not keep being aggressive once the fawning season came to an end. The university’s police department did not have any plan to kill the deer or put them somewhere else.

To learn more about the deer attack event, I interviewed T. Newman, an ecologist in the Department of Forestry. She thought people should stop calling deer “violent”, because we should not call mothers who were trying to protect their children violent. She interpreted this event as the consequence of the social relationship between human and deer, and the reason as “human encroachment”. According to Newman, the first victim touched the fawns and made deer alerted, thus during the period, the does would not give anyone else a chance to come any closer. The only way to protect ourselves from the attacks of deer is to leave them alone. Do not touch them. After all, just like what Newman asserted, “People should know who their neighbors are, and who they share the land with. We should learn how to live with them, not hoping for them to leave.”



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