Thursday, August 04, 2005

Interview with Todd Sigler SIU Police Department

“Deer Attacks” was one of the most popular headlines news at SIU Carbondale two months ago related to violent events facing with a few deer. According to the majority of news published online, 7 people were injured on the SIUC campus including students, campus visitors and members of the official SIUC staff near the wooded paths. People involved with SIUC community were concerned about different kinds of reports that informed for example “Deer Attacks Continue” by H. Murray, Jun, 14, 2005 or “Deer attacks at SIUC hospitalize 4” by M. Garcia, June, 6, 2005. However, Hayle Murray prepared one of the most significant reports from Daily Egyptian on Wednesday, June 15, 2005. This article discussed the biggest reason deer reacted in this aggressive way. Also, Clay Nielson -who works in the SIUC Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab- and Todd Sigler -Director of the Department of Public Safety- evaluated the meaning of fawning seasons during a conference press. Once these events happened, SIUC officials, Wildlife Ecologists, and Police Department, shared their impressions to figure out next actions in terms of deciding what to do in case of the occurrence of more incidents.

In this sense, the mentioned above was the main reason to continue looking for more details about this project, and an excellent opportunity to talk with native speakers. I think that I was lucky because I exchanged ideas with Todd Sigler, who is Director of the Department of Public Safety. He explained to me several things such as “Deer attacks were uncommon problems this year, and this department does not have any previous data or statistics about them because it is a recent and growing inconvenience related to deer population.” In addition he said, because this is not a specific police issue, we do not have any technical procedure that implies to follow step by step. Yet, four important things we have in mind. First, we will not probably participate in relocating or using lethal weapons against deer because it is not part of our job. Second, only if a person is involved in an emergency time, we will participate in a police procedure. Next, we are already prepared to work with media office on campus in order to post cautions about Deer as signs. Finally, we will work with notification in early May to remind every one what happens next month. Also, “my advice or warning for SIU student and campus visitors facing a deer is leave it alone, and be aware how many there in the woods”, he said.

In conclusion, I can say that after realizing my development in English, I feel a little more self-confident because this assignment was one of the most challenging CESL activities in this term for four reasons: demanding specific information, introducing a necessity, talking with a friendly speaker, and being familiar with the topic are primary keys to being successful in learning a second language. Also, tanks CESL and tanks Todd Sigler.

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