Thursday, August 04, 2005

Interview with Health Services

Deer attacked seven people in the campus of the Southern Illinois University in June. The school put up warning signs to tell people to be careful. It never happened before in Carbondale, because the deer ran away if people got close to them. The deer’s population which lives in the campus is increasing now. The construction occupied the forests , so the deer have to move in to the campus. It is a very unusual deer attack.

I have interviewed with Kim, who works in the Health Services. In this time, the female deer just wants to protect her baby, so she will be afraid of people who are close. After the accidents happened, the school put a cordon around the area. The school also put the news on television , news paper and other media. The school tried to make everyone know about the accident and told people to keep away from the area. Kim thinks the school doesn’t have any responsibilities. Because the deer are the wildlife : there is no way to control them. If the student gets hurt , it only costs six dollars for an x-ray, bandage and medical care. Next year, the school will probably put more information out in the media and look around more.

written by Tracy


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