Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On-campus deer attacks prompt warnings

Is it dangerous for take a walk in the woods?The deer and the doe attacked seven people in the campus of the Southern Illinois University. This accident happens very rare, so it is difficult to cope with the situation.
The female deer have tied in fawning season for avoid an accident. According the research, there are more and more deer in the campus. A lot of building occupied the woods, so the deer have to live in the campus. The school has a warning which student should be careful when walking in the wood’s paths.

It’s very dangerous when you walk in the wood’s path. No one knows when the animal appears in the woods. The school’s warning is not enough to protect the student. The school should talk the deer’s attack seriously, not just a “sign”. The Government also have to solve the problems, otherwise someone will get hurt in the
campus again.

written by Tracy


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