Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fawning season to blame for deer attacks

This article, Fawning season to blame for deer attacks, reports that SIUC’s officials and an ecologist discussed their impressions about the deer attacks occurred in campus in terms of the actions that the University implemented and the biological reasons that might motivated the attacks. While reporting the seventh attack and stating that neither lethal nor moving-out steps would be implemented against the animals, the director of the Department of Public safety described the informative campaign they ran to aware both visitors and other camps about the incidents. On the other hand, a wildlife ecologist explained that the attack might have occurred mainly because of the fawning season and the protective instincts of the does. In the fawning season, births increase and mothers react instinctively against any potential enemy for their fawns (e.g. humans). In addition, as wild species, people should not surround deer even either if they are adults or they are out of birth season.

In my opinion, we should be aware of two things when dealing with this “accident”: First, it was just an accident, and second, we should learn to live along with animals. It was an accident because how many attacks have occurred? To the best of my knowledge, such attacks do not occur frequently. Therefore, isolated attacks should not worry anybody. On the other hand, when it comes to animals learning their nature, necessities, and potential aggressiveness turns to capture our attention. In learning animal’s behavior, we might handle why these events occur (e.g. during fawning season). Consequently, no special policy but a different attitude results necessary when coping with such accidents.

Written by Angelica


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