Friday, July 22, 2005

Deer attacks continue

In this article, Deer attacks continue, from Daily Egyptian, Murray.H reports that deer attacked six people on SIU campus. In one case, when traffic stopped and two people urged a doe and a fawn to cross the street. However, the doe felt danger and attacked. According to ecologist, a fawn is very young and can’t escape from danger at that time. Therefore, a doe is more aggressive and try to defend her baby (Murray.H June 14, 2005 para.8). Lastly, he advises students. "Do not approach wild animals, no matter how cute and cuddly they are" (para.11).

I was very surprised to see a deer on campus forest for the first time. And I thought that it is because there is a lot of nature in America and thought "How wonderful!" However, I didn’t know this problem. In my opinion, we can live together in campus. From different point of view, here is the safest place because there are few cars near the forest. It is good surrounding rather than other forest. In order to prevent such accident, some caution should be mentioned. Above all, it is the most important for us to be more careful during the fawning season.

Written by Rei


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