Monday, July 18, 2005

Deer attacks at SIUC hospitalize 4

The article "Deer attacks at SIUC hospitalize 4" by Monique Garcia portrays the deer attack event in Southern Illinois University Carbondale. From June 7, 2005 on, deer had attacked seven people in the campus within 9 days (Garcia, M., Jun. 6, 2005, Para. 5). Among the seven injured, four was sent to hospital (Para. 5). Experts said during the climax of the fawning season, which lasts from June 1 to June 10, female deer will become fierce in order to protect baby deer (Para. 11). But it will be nearly impossible for deer attack to take place after the season passed (Para. 11).

It is horrifying to learn that there are such violent deer inside the campus. And the number of deer that did the attacks is possibly more than one (Para. 9). Since two weeks ago when I arrived here, I have been dreaming about wandering through the Thompson Woods and visiting the Campus Lake. But the hope now seems to be dangerous. I really hope that I can have a tour all the way through the campus before I leave, without meeting a terrible deer.



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